Tarrant County Senate District 10 Convention
Saturday, March 26, 2022
NOTE: Precinct and Senate District allocations are based on 2020-2030 redistricting values recently authorized by the Tarrant County Commissioners Court. Precinct allocations for the Senate District are not yet available and will be updated when they are available.
Precinct Convention DelegationData Entry CompleteData EntryPre-PrimaryPrecinct Packet Data Entry Phase:
Number of precinct conventions0
Total registered precinct conventions0
Percent total registered precinct conventions0.0%
NOTE: 2020 RPT Rule No. 13b.2. regarding quorum requires a majority (50%) of the seated precincts to be present
District Convention DelegationPost-ConventionConventionPre-ConventionTrainingConvention Phase:
Delegate/Alternate Status
Total Attendees Allotted by Party Rules
Total Potential Attendees from Precinct Conventions
Total Registered Attendees at District Convention
Total % Registered of Potential Attendees0.0%0.0%0.0%
NOTE: 2020 RPT Rule No. 13b.3. regarding quorum requires a third of the seated delegates to be present
Voting Strength
Total delegate voting strength0
Current delegate voting strength0
Percent of total voting strength0.0%
NOTE: 2020 RPT Rule No. 13b.1. regarding quorum requires the number of votes represented by delegates in attendance comprise more than 50% of the total voting strength of the Convention
State Convention DelegationFinal ListDraft ListCommittee MeetingsTrainingNominations List Phase:
Total Allotted Delegates by Party Rules165
Current Delegates0
Current Alternates0